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What are ActiveX controls?
Other sources for ActiveX controls
There are a number of places you can get ActiveX controls. The trick is finding ActiveX controls:
  1. That work with Access
  2. That are data bound and require as little, if any, VBA programming

To be honest, in my experience, the majority of the ActiveX controls available do require some programming. The good news is that the controls usually come with sample code. Here are some sources for ActiveX controls:
  1. Microsoft Corporation: The Microsoft Office Developer Edition has a number of controls, including Windows common controls for things such as file opening and saving.
  2. DBI Technologies: These guys have a number of products that are ActiveX controls, including Component Suite 4.0, which has over 50 controls. They also have scheduling and PIM ActiveX controls. Although some coding is required for these, they have great sample applications. You can reach them at www.dbi-tech.com.
  3. FMS Inc.: Their product, called Total Access Components, contains 27 ActiveX controls. They can be reached at www.fmsinc.com.