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Lesson 7
Working with the Web - Conclusion
The Web has made the world a lot smaller. With the new features in Access 2000 for the Web, Access has become a lot more powerful.
This module has discussed some of the features that can make life easier, as well as help you get on the Web that much more quickly.
In this module, you learned how to:
  1. Create hyperlinks on forms in order to open other forms, applications, or access the Web
  2. Examine what Data Access Pages are and how they are used with Access reports and forms
  3. Learn how Data Access Pages can be used
  4. Use the Page Wizard to create a data entry style page
  5. Use the Page Wizard to create a grouped page

Take some time to work with the features described and see whetherz they can meet some of the needs you have.

Data Access Pages - Quiz
Click the Quiz link below to answer a few questions about working with Data Access Pages.
Data Access Pages - Quiz