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Creating a query in Design view

Using the Query Datasheet

The query datasheet not only looks like the table datasheet, it is like the table datasheet. Just about anything you can do with a table datasheet you can do with a query datasheet. That includes:
  1. Entering data: When you enter data in the query datasheet, the data appears in the underlying table.
  2. Editing data: When you edit data in the query datasheet, the data is changed in the underlying table.
  3. Navigating: You can navigate a query datasheet using all the techniques you learned with the table datasheet.
  4. Printing: Print the datasheet by using the Print button.
  5. Filtering data: You can filter the query datasheet by selection, exclusion, or by form. Of course, it is more permanent to make the necessary changes to the query definition by using the query design.
  6. Sorting: Use the Sort Ascending and Sort Descending buttons to sort the data using the field the cursor is in.
When using a form in Datasheet view, you automatically have the option to sort on any column using the column header (exactly like an Excel spreadsheet).