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Filter records using Multiple Criteria

There are three logical operators that you are likely to need as you create criteria to filter your data: And, Or, and Not. In most cases, you do not have to type the operator, since Access combines the criteria with an operator depending on where you put them. For instance, when you use Filter by Form there is a separate tab for criteria that you want to be preceded by Or, whereas criteria you put on one tab are automatically joined by And.
So what exactly do these operators do? Well, Not is easy--it tells Access what you do not want to see. And and Or can get a little confusing. Here is how to think of them: And tells Access that a record must meet both criteria in order to be displayed. For instance, you want to see clients with Casa Grande And Arizona in their records. Or, on the other hand, is a looser requirement, it tells Access that you want to see records with either of your criteria. A request for Austin Or Arizona would produce more records: clients in Austin as well as those in Arizona.
Clear? You will get more practice when you create queries.